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The Blue Ridge Music Center - Galax, VA - Carroll County. Photo by The U.S. National Archives

About Patty 

"I understand that... it only takes one crisis in a family’s life to push them over the edge when they are living paycheck to paycheck."

Hi, my name is Patty Quesenberry and I am running for Delegate in Virginia’s new 47th District as a
Democrat. I am married to a wonderful man whose family has lived in Floyd County for many generations.

My husband and I are a blended family with five wonderful adult children, 13 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. I feel blessed to have such a fantastic family that surrounds us daily with their love.


I have a small and humble farm named Sweet Heart Farm where I enjoy raising my goats, collecting fresh chicken eggs daily, and planting my vegetable garden yearly. I eat what I grow and raise and it helps me put food on our table that we might not otherwise have.  I know how it feels to go to the grocery store, and use coupons, but still have to put some items back because I can’t afford them that week.

I have spent the better part of my life giving back to my community. I am a lifetime member with the
Floyd County Rescue Squad and volunteered for them for 25-plus years. In addition, I have served as PTA
President at our local elementary school, and I volunteered for a number of years with 4-H where I was
awarded Outstanding Parent Volunteer of the Year award.

I continue to give back to my community by volunteering with the Floyd County Humane Society and Plenty, (a local food bank.) I have devoted my life to working in human services after I received my BGS degree from Radford University in 1997. By working in these fields I learned about the daily struggles so many folks here in
Southwest Virginia face. I worked as an emergency service worker at New River Community Action (NRCA) and I saw firsthand how our people struggle to get food, pay their overdue electric bills, and face the fear of eviction, or the fear of losing their homes. It only takes one crisis in a family’s life to push them over the edge when they are living paycheck to paycheck.

While at NRCA I was the Homeless Intervention Programs Coordinator and I was a Comprehensive Certified Housing Counselor. In 2004 I was awarded the Outstanding Housing Counselor of the Year award. I was a board member of Community Housing Partners Corporation and the Virginia Association of Housing Counselors. I saw the struggles of members of our community that were on the verge of eviction or foreclosure on a daily basis.  I learned how important the need is for families and individuals in Southwest Virginia not just to have affordable housing, but SAFE and affordable housing.

In addition, I worked as a foster care worker with the Department of Social Services and saw how many families have often been torn apart because of the substance abuse disorder crises in our region and the inability for them to have resources for support and assistance.

And finally, I worked as an Intensive In-Home Counselor and Mental Health Counselor, and I understand first-hand how difficult it is in Southwest Virginia to find good therapists, the ability to receive and afford medications, find counselors without a long waiting list, etc.

I have always been an advocate for those in need and continued certifications and training in such areas as:

  • The Leadership and Management Certification Program offered through Radford University

  •  The Grantsmanship Training Program

  • Loss Mitigation Training

  • The Community Development Program

  • Collaborative Leadership Program

  • The Facilitator Training program


I actively attended conferences such as:

  • Virginia Council Against Poverty Conference

  • Family Group Conferencing Workshop

  • State Housing Conferences

  • Virginia Association of Housing Counselors Conferences

I am running for this office so that I continue to serve Southwest Virginia and make our voices heard. I
may be David going against Goliath because I don’t have an “R” by my name, but I believe and have faith
in the voters in Southwest Virginia. to help send me to Richmond. I hope you’ll support me. Thank you!

Patty Quesenberry

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