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Patty Quesenberry
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As you know, Virginia is the last southern state to offer meaningful access to abortion. The stakes are incredibly high this November with slim majorities in the House and Senate and Glenn Youngkin eager to sign any abortion ban put in front of him. Not only that, if successful, Governor Youngkin is likely to use his record on abortion to boost his far-right credentials in the 2024 Presidential primary – and try to bring his extremism directly to the White House. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

We are proud to endorse you as an abortion-rights champion. 

Roe Your Vote

Fighting to secure abortion rights

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Carroll County Democratic Committee supports Patty Quesenberry for HD47!

Carroll County Democratic Committee

Democratic Voters of Carroll County

I have known Patty Quesenberry for over 35 years. She is ethical, responsible, reliable and able to relate with all kinds of people. Patty has been a volunteer for all kinds of community needs from the Humane Society to food banks, including running rescue calls with the Floyd Rescue Squad for many years. Professionally Patty has experience working with navigating complex affordable housing regulations and compliance  that can be translated into other areas. Patty has a commonsense approach to solving problems and an ability to work with others.
It is my pleasure to support Patty Quesenberry as a candidate familiar with the issues facing rural communities and I hope you will join me with your vote! If you are able, I encourage monetary donations as well. People who take the time to commit to serving the community in this way deserve support.

Kamala Bauers

Small Business Owner, -  Floyd, VA


I am proud to announce that at our Virginia AFL-CIO Convention, the delegates voted to endorse you.

We look forward to working with you as we make Virginia the best place for workers.

Doris Crouse-Mays, President
Virginia AFL-CIO

Virginia AFL-CIO

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations

Patrick County Democratic Committee supports Patty Quesenberry for HD47!

Patrick County Democratic Committee

Democratic Voters of Patrick County

Floyd County Democratic Committee supports Patty Quesenberry for HD47!

Floyd County Democratic Committee

Democratic Voters of Floyd County

I have had the pleasure of meeting both Patty Quesenberry and Renie Gates, and was pleased to learn of their deep roots in Floyd County. It was refreshing knowing their commitment to the well-being of Floydians by their many years of service and countless volunteer hours in EMS and as firefighter. We are fortunate to have them step up to continue making our region and commonwealth safe, healthy and prosperous.
These 2 ladies get my vote and my endorsement.
Tara Orlando

Tara Orlando

Former Candidiate for VA House of Delegates

Tara Orlando.png
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